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Free Convert Case Online

Just enter your content and pick the case you need to change over it to. Now you can do faster for your office job / layout design. This tool can convert your text to any case.Webbit Free Convert Case online now available for Sentence Case, Upper Case, Lower Case & Title Case.You... more

How To Setup POP3 Email Account In Microsoft Outlook 2010

If you are using web based email and prefer to have your mail delivered to Microsoft Outlook and stored locally on your hard drive, do follow the guide.Step 1 – Launch Microsoft Outlook 2010.Step 2 – Create a new email account.Step 3 – Choose “Manually configure server... more

Delete all Unread Email in Gmail

Delete all Unread Email in Gmail 1. Login To Your Gmail Account. 2. Go To Search Box And Type "in:inbox Is:unread" And Search It Shows Unread Emails.3. Click On The Box Top Of The Mails To Select All. 4. And Click On The Option " Select All Conversations That Match This Search"5. At... more


Mockingbot - FREE mobile application wireframe tool! The Easiest Way To Design Mobile application wireframeIT's FREE! just a simple step from idea to clickable prototype in 10 minutes.https://d2hfa1avwahjpw.cloudfront.net/videos/guide/lesson1/video.mp4It's very easy to create... more

The Elegant Icon Font – 310 Of The Best Free Icons

Why Icon Fonts Are AwesomeIcon fonts are great because they are flexible and fast loading. Using a single font and CSS, you can create countless graphical variations that would normally require the use of an equally countless collection of bulky and non-scalable images. Combined with HTML... more

Latergramme – Instagram Scheduler

Instagram Scheduler is Here! Schedule and manage your Instagram postsEasily plan & schedule your Instagram posts Upload images from the web or phone Management from the web app or mobile app Get started free Currently only Support IOS Device Android Version probably will release... more

Snazzy Maps

Snazzy Maps is a repository of different color schemes for Google Maps aimed towards web designers and developers. As of version 3 of the Google Maps API custom styles can now be applied to maps. This allows developers and designers to pick a style that matches the theme of their website. We... more

Real Time PageRank Checker

Previously known as "What Page of Google Am I On?", What Page of Search Am I On is a free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool and pagerank checker for webmasters to determine on what search results page their site is listed for a given query.Let's say you're an online retailer. You want to... more