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Mockingbot – FREE mobile application wireframe tool! 

The Easiest Way To Design Mobile application wireframe

IT’s FREE! just a simple step from idea to clickable prototype in 10 minutes.

It’s very easy to create screen transition with MockingBot, the only thing you need to do is dragging the link handler beside widget to the target screen, and it’s done, see below image:

After you drop the handle on target screen, you’ll see screen transition panel like below:

The transition panel is consistent with 3 parts: gesture, transition effect and timer, let’s explain them separately.

Gesture: You can only set gesture for 4 widgets at now, they’re global gesture, link region, image and rectangle. MockingBot supports 6 gestures: tap, hold and left/right/top/bottom swipe.

Transition: We have 15 builtin transition effect for you using, and you can move mouse to the demo region to preview the transition effect before you apply it.

Timer: if you set timer for a screen transition, the transition will be triggered on the time you set without user’s interaction.

Screen Scrolling

If you have a very long screen and like to scrolling the content in preview mode, it’s very easy with MockingBot, you can simply click the “Expand screen” button on the bottom to adjust screen height, like below:

You can also drag the bottom bar to adjust screen height more precisely.

Live demo:

For more information kindly visit https://mockingbot.com/guide