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How to add your domain email to Gmail

Do you have a domain name but are still using the same old email address? Do you have a pop account but use your host’s webmail to check your email? This tutorial will help you learn to back up your email into gmail’s email service, and also “send as” [email protected]. If you already have a gmail account, you will be able to use both email addies from the same account. You can even add multiple email addresses from different domains. This tutorial is also useful for retaining your email when moving to a new server (if you don’t have any other way to transfer email over via server control panels). Hey, did I mention Gmail’s great spam blocking?

Note: Your settings may be different if your hosting account is not CPanel. If you use a different host, the settings may be different for logging into your email and also for your POP server address. You will need an email account already created on your server before continuing with this tutorial.

In cpanel, to get your mail settings you can log into yourdomain.com/webmail>Configure Mail Client. The pop server address is typically mail.mydomain.com.

1. Create a GMail account
2. Log in and click on gar icon in the top right hand corner, then click on mail settings
3. Under Accounts and import, click on "Add Pop 3 Email Account"
4. Enter your email address.
5. Enter your email settings
Your username is your email address, and the pop server is mail.yourdomain.com. I like to label my incoming messages with the email address, because I have multiple pop accounts set up in my gmail. If you want to retain a copy of your messages on the server, be sure this box is checked.
6. Click on Add Account
7. Send Mail As
I just set up an account this morning and GMail prompted me to do this part when doing the steps above.
I typically use gmail for sending…
You will be prompted to “send verifvation” to the pop mail account.
8. Verify Email Address
Log into your web mail (usually mydomain.com/webmail) and go through the verification
Stick around to the very end for some final tweaks!
Confirmation success!