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How To Setup POP3 Email Account In Microsoft Outlook 2010

If you are using web based email and prefer to have your mail delivered to Microsoft Outlook and stored locally on your hard drive, do follow the guide.

Step 1 – Launch Microsoft Outlook 2010.


Step 2 – Create a new email account.2

Step 3 – Choose “Manually configure server settings or additional server types” and “Next”.


Step 4 – Select “Internet E-mail”.


Step 5 – Insert your email account details accordingly. Click on “More settings” after you have filled in all the required details.


Step 6 – Click on “Outgoing Server” and choose “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”.


Step 7 – Click on “Advanced” tab and insert 110 into POP3 port and 2525 into SMTP port. Click “OK”.


Step 8 – You will be redirected back to “Add Account” page. Click on “Next”. A “Test Account Settings” window will pop out and inform you that your email account setup is completed. Click “Next” and “Close”.


Step 9 – Your email account is now ready to be used.


Delete all Unread Email in Gmail

Delete all Unread Email in Gmail

1. Login To Your Gmail Account.
2. Go To Search Box And Type “in:inbox Is:unread” And Search It Shows Unread Emails.
3. Click On The Box Top Of The Mails To Select All.
4. And Click On The Option ” Select All Conversations That Match This Search

download (1)
5. At Last Click On Delete Button.