Free Convert Case Online

11 December 2018

Just enter your content and pick the case you need to change over it to.

Now you can do faster for your office job / layout design. This tool can convert your text to any case.

Webbit Free Convert Case online now available for Sentence Case, Upper Case, Lower Case & Title Case.

You can download the text from there as well. Just click the download button it will auto download as the .txt format for you!




Delete all Unread Email in Gmail

24 February 2016

Delete all Unread Email in Gmail

1. Login To Your Gmail Account.
2. Go To Search Box And Type “in:inbox Is:unread” And Search It Shows Unread Emails.
3. Click On The Box Top Of The Mails To Select All.
4. And Click On The Option ” Select All Conversations That Match This Search

download (1)
5. At Last Click On Delete Button.



7 October 2015

Mockingbot – FREE mobile application wireframe tool! 

The Easiest Way To Design Mobile application wireframe

IT’s FREE! just a simple step from idea to clickable prototype in 10 minutes.

It’s very easy to create screen transition with MockingBot, the only thing you need to do is dragging the link handler beside widget to the target screen, and it’s done, see below image:

After you drop the handle on target screen, you’ll see screen transition panel like below:

The transition panel is consistent with 3 parts: gesture, transition effect and timer, let’s explain them separately.

Gesture: You can only set gesture for 4 widgets at now, they’re global gesture, link region, image and rectangle. MockingBot supports 6 gestures: tap, hold and left/right/top/bottom swipe.

Transition: We have 15 builtin transition effect for you using, and you can move mouse to the demo region to preview the transition effect before you apply it.

Timer: if you set timer for a screen transition, the transition will be triggered on the time you set without user’s interaction.

Screen Scrolling

If you have a very long screen and like to scrolling the content in preview mode, it’s very easy with MockingBot, you can simply click the “Expand screen” button on the bottom to adjust screen height, like below:

You can also drag the bottom bar to adjust screen height more precisely.

Live demo:

For more information kindly visit



The Elegant Icon Font – 310 Of The Best Free Icons

21 July 2014

Why Icon Fonts Are Awesome

Icon fonts are great because they are flexible and fast loading. Using a single font and CSS, you can create countless graphical variations that would normally require the use of an equally countless collection of bulky and non-scalable images. Combined with HTML elements, these icons can even turn into beautiful buttons like the download link above!


Download Icon Font

Snazzy Maps

5 June 2014

Snazzy Maps is a repository of different color schemes for Google Maps aimed towards web designers and developers. As of version 3 of the Google Maps API custom styles can now be applied to maps. This allows developers and designers to pick a style that matches the theme of their website. We love great resources that make web development easier and this is our way to give back to the community. Like any great resource it depends on great content. We have created a few styles that we like but we would love it if you would submit your own themes for the world to see. In return your name and a link to your website will be listed with the style. All styles are licensed under creative commons and are completely free to use.

download (1)



Real Time PageRank Checker

28 May 2014

Previously known as “What Page of Google Am I On?”, What Page of Search Am I On is a free SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool and pagerank checker for webmasters to determine on what search results page their site is listed for a given query.

Let’s say you’re an online retailer. You want to know how deep people have to dig to find your site when searching for specific keywords and how some of those keywords compare to others. Obviously, the less they have to dig, the better your SEO and the more money you can make.

Let’s also say that you sell propane and propane accessories. Your website is You put propane accessories into the keyword(s) box, into the URL box, and click the search button. If none of the first page of 10 results links to your site, the next 10 are queried, and so on and so on until your listing is found or the results are exhausted.


Running Dropbox From a USB Thumbdrive

1 April 2014

Dropbox has limitations that will cause problems with user accounts if you try and install and use it from a Bren computer. We suggest that those wanting to use Dropbox install and run a portable version from a thumbdrive. First make sure that your Dropbox storage will fit on your thumbdrive, then follow the directions below to install the proper software.

Step 1: Download the DropboxPortableAHK program from Look closely for the proper link, don't click on the "Download Manager" links.

dropbox-1 (more…)


Block Visitors by Country

24 March 2014

Do you want to block visitors by country?

You can now block them easily with the free blocking service for Apache Web Server. Simply select the countries you want to block from your Website and press the “Download” button.

Instantly, the .htaccess information is generated for you. Copy and paste this generated code into your .htaccess file and it denies the visitors from the selected country to access your Website. You can efficiently block unwanted traffic from non-converting, fraud and spamming countries you do not want to give access.

If you want to block visitors in IIS Web Server, please consider the commercial edition of the IP2Location ISAPI Filter.

It is very easy to use our IP block country generator.

Block Visitors by Country

Block Visitors by Country